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Quick Desk Workout

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Is work stressing you out? Are you short on time? Do you want to feel better during your day?

This quick desk workout will help you feel better mentally and physically.

1. Enhances mood
2. Improves circulation
3. Gives a sense of accomplishment
4. Sharpens focus
5. Increases productivity

1. Chair squats
2. Chair v-ups
3. Chair dips
4. Calf raises
5. Desk push-ups
6. Neck stretches

Do each exercise for 1 minute. Don’t have 6 minutes? Do 30 seconds of each. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

Set an alarm on your computer for the morning, before lunch and before you leave so you can get 3 sets in.

Try it for 3 weeks and let me know below how it goes. Who cares if people look at you funny, the important part is that you will feel better!

Watch NBC15 segment now.

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