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Life Is An Adventure, Enjoy The Journey

Happy New Year!

Are you ready to enjoy the adventure of what this year has to offer? What will you really change this year?  What will you stick with when it isn’t fun or easy? How will you handle it when you don’t do things perfectly? Why at this time in your life is it important? Answering some of these questions might help you be more successful.

As the world gets busier and more stressed, I try to pull back, slow down and be more present – it’s a work in progress and I fall short often, it’s all about progress not perfection. Making sure that I am moving forward.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m one heck of a doer! I love to be busy. I love to work. I love to be productive. I love checking things off of my list. However, we are human beings not human doers. Constantly moving and doing doesn’t allow me to think or reflect let alone be still. I use to believe that my worth and value came from being productive and in what I accomplished. I’ve chosen to let go and say good bye to that mindset.

When I reflect on this year to come and the big changes that are about to happen – our home goes up for sale in March and we are moving to a new state. I’m vowing to slow down. I’m vowing to turn things over and let God lead. I’m choosing to listen to God about my worth, rather than allowing the world to dictate what value I hold. I am choosing to go against the busyness of society and slow down as I move forward.

What’s helped me the most in my journey is learning more about myself. When you know more about yourself you can improve yourself. You can accept and have compassion for yourself and others. You can walk in your fullness and live out your destiny. You can live your life on purpose.

I’m going to ask you to do the same. To take time this year to reflect, nurture, and learn about yourself.

Learn why you do what you do. What brings you joy and what makes you laugh. What things help you to relax. What are your values. What lights you up and get’s you excited. Are the people in your life healthy and good for you. Are you using your gifts and talents to make this world a better place. I hope this year is the year you learn more about yourself to be better and do better. I’m a firm believer that we are all here for a reason. You have gifts and talents that this world needs. There is only one you. We need you to be you!

My challenge for you is to be honest with yourself on where you are and where you really want and need to be. My challenge isn’t to do more, but to be more. My challenge for you is to rest, renew and “be”.

Enjoy the adventure that this life brings. Remember, it’s not the destination we reach that’s most rewarding. It’s the journey along the way.

If you need any guidance with this, I might know of a few people who could assist you. 😉

Let that light of yours shine!

Shine On,

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