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Get Fit In 15 Minutes

Is your life so busy that you struggle to get a workout in? Guess what, even 15 minutes can help!

With today’s lifestyle, it seems everyone is running every which way and we aren’t really sure where we are going. We feel overwhelmed and stressed out and the gym is the last thing on our list.

This 15 minute lunch workout is the perfect way to get you moving, feel better, release some stress and get back in shape.

1. Enhances mood
2. Increases circulation
3. Boost metabolism
4. Retention (more likely to stick to it)

3 minute walk, walk-jog, or jog
1 minute walking lunges
1 minute reverse lunges
1 minute push-ups (knees, toes, incline, or decline)
1 minute plank (hands or elbows)
1 minute hover squat
1 minute tricep dips
1 minute spiderman climbers
1 minute jump squats
3 minute stretch

The workout totals 14 minutes, 1 minute is used for transitions between the 10 different exercises.

Do this workout 3 days a week, overtime increase your frequency to 4-6 times a week.

If you’re someone who get’s their workouts in over your lunch hour, share your tips below.

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