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Fitness Classes for Women

I just moved to St Louis. Stay tuned to when my services in the area will begin.


Strength Fitness Class for Women (sorry guys):

Come get physically and emotionally stronger!

My goal is to speak life, strength, and positivity into your life with a little humor sprinkled in.

This is the nice girls club. Class is filled with loving, kind, supportive and caring women who enjoy lifting each other up and celebrating each other’s successes.

We have fun while we increase our over-all strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, balance and coordination. Every class is a full body workout.

We use dumbbells, resistance tubing, and our own body weight. When it’s nice out we take our workout outside to soaking up a bit of the vitamin D and enjoy the blessings of nature.
(Don’t worry, we stay inside when there’s a heat advisory).

We have all ages and shapes and welcome anyone that wants to join in on the fun. This is YOUR class. You take it at your own pace and do what works for you. Come connect with other amazing women like yourself!

Feel free to call me at 608.712.7545 or email me with any questions. Or, sign-up and show-up. All you need are your workout clothes, tennis shoes, water, mat, and positive attitude.


Benefits of my class:
1. a stronger and healthier mind, body and spirit
2. a great workout
3. education
4. humor
5. a sense of community with other amazing women
6. love and acceptance
7. challenged to be all you are meant to be
8. my resources and network of peeps


Some of my top class attendees.

top of the class

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