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Booty Challenge

Let the booty challenge begin!

You asked for it and here it is. I took time to research the best exercises you can do at home to strengthen and tone your backside and here they are. I have to thank Nick Tumminello and Bret Contreras for all their wisdom and resources.

I know many of us want to lift and tone our backside (including myself), but I want you to know how important it is to have a strong backside.

1. MOVE Better (powers your body, increasing your force and power)
2. FEEL Better (healthier knees, lower backs, and hips)
3. LOOK Better

1. Single Leg Deadlift
2. Foot Elevated Single-Leg Hip Thrust (if too challenging keep both feet on the bench)
3. Reverse Lunges
4. Shoulder Elevated Single-Leg Hip Thrust (if too challenging keep both feet on the floor)
5. Alternating Lunges
6. Monster Square (walk forward 4, right 4, backward 4, left 4) – 3x

1. Dumbbells (heavier set) – my recommendation
2. Double Loop Resistance Band – my recommendation
3. Bench, Ottoman, or Chair

Do 10 repetitions of each exercise (except #6), and do 3-4 sets. You can superset these exercises (do them back-to-back) or take a 30 second rest in between each. Take a 30-60 second break in between each set. Do the exercises 3x a week. Try to take 48 hours in between so you’re not doing the exercises 3 days in a row. Our muscles grow when we rest, not when we’re working them.

The dumbbells you are using should be a challenge for you. Which means you should be struggling on the last 2-3 repetitions. The double loop resistance band I recommend above can be doubled up for more resistance or just one  loop can be used.

Make sure you take time to warm up and cool down. Do some light cardio such as walking, low impact jacks, knee lifts, walking your stairs, etc. for 5 minutes before your workout. When you’re done, please take 5 minutes to stretch. Why? When you warm up and cool down, you help prevent injuries, increase blood flow, and help prevent soreness.

Here’s how this works…
1. PHOTO – Have someone take a photo of your backside, and a side shot (with your workout pants on of course). At the end of the month take a photo in the same pants (backside and side shots). Share your before and after photos on the Facebook Booty Challenge Page, or on any of your social media platforms. Please feel free to TAG me in your pictures @alimcwilliamspersonalfitness, and/or #AlisBootyChallenge. Just so you know, you do NOT have to share your photos.

2. CALENDAR – Print out the calendar below and mark off each day you do the booty challenge. You can color in the boxes, use stickers, stars, you name it, be creative. Take a picture of your calendar at the end of each week (Sunday) and post it to the Facebook Booty Challenge Page. The booty community will be your accountability buddy. I’d love for you to TAG me on this as well @alimcwilliamspersonalfitness, and/or #AlisBootyChallenge.

Please know that 30 days is not enough time to build your best booty, but it will get us started. We need roughly 3 months to make that happen, so keep on with the challenge. Another thing to remember is, we’re all different. We have different genetics. Some of us have more testerone and build muscle quicker and some do not. This is NOT to be a comparison. This is your journey to a better booty.

The challenge is also on my Ali McWilliams Fitness App. Download it today for FREE!

Join the Facebook Booty Challenge Group.

Print the Booty Calendar

If you have any questions let me know. Feel free to post your comments or questions below.
Here’s to a firmer, more tone tush!

Shine On,

P.S. I got instantly tan right before I shot this video by using this flawless self-tanner. It’s the bomb!

6 thoughts on “Booty Challenge

  1. Tami

    I can’t find the specific heavy double resistance band anywhere. I tried ordering it online and the place came back and said they don’t have it. Has anyone else had any luck? Thanks!

  2. Lisa

    My Apple Store Keeps telling me to verify my card info for the purchase of the app. I thought it was free?

    1. AliAli Post author

      Hey Lisa,
      So strange. There must be something up with your account as it has nothing to do with my App. The App is free. Let me know how it goes once you verify your card info.


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