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4 Tips to Improve Your Health

As adults we tend to be so serious and forget how important playing and laughter can be to our spirit. It can improve our health and open us up to greater happiness. I have 4 tips that will improve your health! When was that last time you played, really played as...

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Strengthen Your Core and Reduce Back Pain

Unfortunately low-back pain is a debilitating issue that affects most active people at some point in their lives. Please know that your back is your core. Your core affects everything you do. Strengthening it, can help keep the back pain away. I’ll show you 5 exercises to strengthen your core and reduce back...

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The Water Challenge

My challenge for you is…DRINK MORE WATER. The water challenge is all about forming a healthy habit! I’m finding that more and more people do not drink very much water during their day. I thought it would be something simple, free, and not too challenging to do. So, for my...

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Arm Workout with Weights

Are you afraid of using weights while you workout? Don’t be, they’re great for you! They build lean muscle mass and bone density, something us women need! Your body changes more when you use weights, getting more toned. And don’t worry, you won’t bulk up like a boy. Here’s an...

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