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Ali’s Journey – The differences between Wisconsin and Illinois

The differences between Wisconsin and Illinois. Being born and raised in Wisconsin, we’ve tended to think certain things about our buffering states. Well, that kind of changed last year after moving to Illinois. Here’s the differences between Wisconsin and Illinois that we’ve noticed. 1. Driving. Yes, Illinois drivers on average...

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Ali’s – Working Through and Healing From My Past

It’s been an interesting summer and fall as we continue this transition in Illinois. This transition has given me time to rest, reflect and refresh my mind body and spirit, which I am continuing to do throughout the winter as well. One of the things I felt called to do...

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Tips For What To Wear To The Gym

Are you struggling to choose what to wear to the gym? We’ve all had those days where we go to start our gym workout and suddenly realize we’ve forgotten something. Forgotten headphones, socks, water, they all throw us off our game. I don’t know about you though, but there aren’t...

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Tips When Struggling With Your Workouts

Recently I had a client ask me a very good question. “Do you have any tips for those days when it seems so hard to push through a 30 minute workout?” Let’s be honest, we ALL have those days, yes, even me who enjoys working out. There are days I...

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Life Is An Adventure, Enjoy The Journey

Happy New Year! Are you ready to enjoy the adventure of what this year has to offer? What will you really change this year?  What will you stick with when it isn’t fun or easy? How will you handle it when you don’t do things perfectly? Why at this time in your...

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End of Year Reflection and Growth

End of year reflection and growth is more my style. I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I’m not a New Years resolution person. I believe in working on being a better me throughout the year, not just at the beginning of a new year. Instead of resolutions, I’ve started...

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