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Squat Variations

Squat variations are a great way to add variety, not only for your body, but for your mind as well. Sometimes our workouts can get boring if we do the same ole thing. Below are 5 squat variations you can add to your current workout or exercises to get you started....

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Gratitude Through Mission Work

When we are thankful we are happier and healthier people mentally, physically, and spiritually. Studies show that when we give thanks it improves all aspects of our health. Giving thanks occupies the same space in your brain that worrying does, which means you can’t worry and give thanks at the same...

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The human body requires magnesium intake every day. Sadly, our soil is NOT the same as it use to be. Even if you eat clean, you probably aren’t getting what your body needs. This is one supplement I take daily and believe is a MUST for everyone. Our cells need magnesium...

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New Year’s Resolutions or Not

To be honest, I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution person and it looks like I’m not alone. Statistics show that only 45% of Americans make resolutions. And only 8% of that 45% are successful in achieving their resolutions. Not surprisingly, the number one resolution for 2015 was to lose weight....

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How Full is Your Marble Jar?

A client of mine recently sent me a talk by Brené Brown on The Anatomy of Trust. The talk inspired me to write about it and ask you: How full is your marble jar? I personally love listening to Brené speak and really enjoyed her book “The Gifts of Imperfection” (she...

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