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5 Quick and Simple At-Home Exercises

5 quick and simple at-home exercises can make all the difference this holiday season. Unfortunately because the holiday season is such a busy time, workouts tend to be the first thing to be crossed off of our lists. However, it’s usually what we need the most since it helps reduce stress, improves...

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4 Stretches to Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

Eighty percent of women will experience back pain at some point during their pregnancies. It’s due to changes happening within the body, like a growing uterus and hormonal changes. Gentle stretching and movement will often decrease muscle spasms and restore improved spinal function, resulting in decreased pain. Below are 4...

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Struggles Create Awareness and Help us Grow

Man change is hard, even when you choose to make the change. Thank God for the awesome November weather we’ve been having, it helped tons as I struggled BIG time last week. It was my McSmeetchies first week at his new job. I was sad, lonely and didn’t sleep the entire week. It’s amazing...

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Strong and Sculpted Biceps for Women

Strong and sculpted biceps not only look good, but have a practical use for daily activities. Strong biceps help you with any pulling movement like pulling weeds, raking leaves, and starting a lawn mower. They also help with lifting and carrying movements, such as carrying groceries or lifting your child out...

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Park Workout Series 2 – Core

Summer is such a great time to get out and soak up the Vitamin D, fresh air, and the beauty of nature. We are on our Park Workout Series 2, and this workout is all about strengthening and toning your core. If you didn’t see the first series on legs, you can...

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