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Ali’s Journey – We Are Moving Again

Yep, you read correctly, we’re on another adventure. After living in the suburbs of Chicagoland for 9.5 months, we are now headed to a different state again.

We Are Moving Again

After selling our home and me moving from Verona, Wisconsin to Plainfield, Illinois last Spring to live with my McSmeetchie (aka JC), JC’s job ended up not working out. So…that left us with our house plans designed and ready to build, and our dream lot sitting on hold until some things got figured out.

It’s been an interesting, challenging and fun season for us. A season of unknown is never easy and wasn’t (especially for my McSmeetchie). Saying goodbye to the burbs of Chicago, which we really ended up liking. Having 9.5 months to sleep in and spend quality time together was an incredible gift. Facing my fear of horses and learning to ride AND stick-and-ball by professional Argentinian polo players – – SAY WHAT?! Not to mention JC playing in his first polo match was something beyond our wildest imagination. Having time to regroup, reflect and reset as a couple. Meeting new friends, having new experiences and learning our way around a new city and state. All of it has made us better people. Fine tuning us more into what God would like – total reliance on Him.

After all this time of JC looking and interviewing, he was finally offered 3 jobs that were in 3 different states. Since we wanted to stay in the Midwest that kept us limited, so we were thrilled that there was more than one possibility. Thank you Jesus!

With all this said, JC has chosen to work for BJC HealthCare in St Louis Missouri, a place we never thought of living, but obviously God did. 😉 We are beyond excited for forward momentum, this great opportunity for JC, a more temperate climate and a lower cost of living.

It’s interesting what can happen when you let go and let God. He takes you places you never dreamed of and gives you opportunities you never imaged. Although not without challenges, but what would faith be without patience, right?

Here’s to another year of moving to a new state. Hoping this is where we’re meant to be for the long hall.
Keep in touch!

As always, shine brightly,


6 thoughts on “Ali’s Journey – We Are Moving Again

  1. Beth Thomas

    Hi Ali- That’s my home town!! Born and raised and I moved from St. Louis to Platteville Wisconsin in 2007.. St. Louis is fantastic! You will love it Ali. It’s so friendly. If you happen to move to Clayton or West County area I can hook you up with my beautiful best friend Darlia. I’m excited to hear about this St. Louis adventure!! Please let me know if I can help with any questions about St. Louis.
    Beth from Platteville

    1. AliAli Post author

      Hey sweet one! OMG, how awesome! I didn’t know that. So glad you think it’s a fantastic place! We are pretty excited to live somewhere that has longer spring and fall and a more temperate winter. We’ll just have to stay in the air conditioning a bit more in the summer. 😉 We will be renting a home in Fenton for a year while we try to find a lot to build on. So far we are looking at the Chesterfield and Wildwood area. I’ll for sure bug you if I have any questions. Thank you so much for offering.

      Shine On Sweet One!

  2. Andrea Hedquist

    Hi Ali and JC.
    I’m so excited for you both and your new adventure. I actually love moving to new places and we’re still planning our next move further north. Yes, always chasing that snow. I love your reports on love, life and living for Him 🙏🏻 I can’t wait to hear how you’re finding your new surroundings. Did you know I’m from a small town in Derbyshire, England called Chesterfield? 😄

    Keep in touch my lovely friend xxx
    Hugs, Andrea ❤️

    1. AliAli Post author

      Thank you Andrea! We are excited! Life is awesome when you live for Him and focus on love! 😉 I love love! How funny, I didn’t know that. How fun would that be if we ended up in Chesterfield MO. 😉 Shine on sweet one. Ali

  3. Iris

    That’s so exciting Ali! You are right that God has a plan so much better than we know what to ask. You and JC have a journey ahead and have experienced quite an adventure already! I can’t wait to hear more about it! Your friend,


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