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5 Quick and Simple At-Home Exercises

5 quick and simple at-home exercises can make all the difference this holiday season.

Unfortunately because the holiday season is such a busy time, workouts tend to be the first thing to be crossed off of our lists. However, it’s usually what we need the most since it helps reduce stress, improves our attitude, gives us energy and helps our breathing.

I know this is a busy time, but have no fear, you DO NOT have to say good-bye to your workouts until the New Year.

Below are 5 quick and simple at-home exercises you can do in the morning before you start your day. Taking 5 minutes for yourself is important and you’re worth it! You’ll feel better, get stronger and have a fresh perspective. It will get your blood pumping, improve your circulation and help you start your day off right. If 5 minutes seems like a stretch, take 3 minutes and do 3 of the below exercises. You can even do the exercises in your pajamas. Therefore there are really no excuses.

Remember, something IS better than nothing and you WILL feel better.

Not only is this workout quick and something you can do at home but body weight workouts are good to do, here’s a few reasons why…

1. Free
2. Versatile
3. Can be done anywhere
4. Improves movement
5. Increases strength

(click on the image to watch the NBC 15 segment)

1. Squats
2. Anterior Lunges (alternate)
3. Bridge Marches
4. Push-Ups (knees, toes, tricep, regular, wide, etc.)
5. Mountain Climber Twist

Do each exercise for 1 minute. To maximize time and to keep your heart rate up do each exercises back-to-back. If you need to rest, take 30 seconds in between each exercise. When you’re done not only will your muscles be pumping but your heart will also.

Make sure you are warmed up before you do any type of exercise and stretch when you’re done. Your doctor should know and approve of your exercise routine as well.

If an exercise above is challenging, set a goal to get through one without stopping. Once you’ve mastered that, set a goal to get through the second one. Before you know it you’ll have made it through all 5 exercises without stopping, how cool would that be!?

Manage your expectations. Focus on progress not perfection. We all have to start somewhere. Instead of focusing on what you couldn’t do or how many times you stopped, focus on what you did do: a new move, exercising instead of sitting on the couch, doing 2 more repetitions than you thought you could, etc.

Keeping Moving and Shine On,

One thought on “5 Quick and Simple At-Home Exercises

  1. juan

    Hello my name is Juan and also passionate about fitness, for my home exercises the ones that I tried to do all the time are mountain climbers, squats with weights or without also I do some planks that are very effective, pushups is one the best and most common ones, also I try some suicides drills that are very exhausting but very effective and for the back exercises I do the pullups in my bedroom using my closet jajajaj I agree that you need to focus on progress over perfection and at the end I think that it is a matter of dedication and passion for getting the body that you want.
    Great article!!


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