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5 Best Core Exercises For Expecting Moms

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Below you will find 5 core exercises that you can do throughout your pregnancy. These 5 exercises are safe and effective during your 2nd and 3rd trimester when you should no longer be on your back.

A stronger center is very important during your pregnancy, which I am sure you are noticing if you are in the middle or end of your pregnancy. It is an exciting and emotional time, which is why exercise is so important. Not only should you be working your core during pregnancy, but getting regular exercise in, a minimum of 3 days a week. Research confirms that overall fitness can shorten delivery times and quicken recovery, not to mention help relieve stress, give you more energy, improve your sleep and strengthen your heart and muscles. Research also shows that exercising during pregnancy is not only good for the mother, but for the child as well.

1. Helps With Back Problems
2. Aids In Delivery
3. Recovery Is Better
4. Improves Posture

1. Standing Pelvic Tilt (10)
2. Wood Chop (5-10 each side)
3. Bird Dog (5-10 each side)
4. Plank (up to 1 minute)
5. Side Plank Crunch (5-10 each side)

Depending on your fitness level, do one set of the 5 exercises above. If you have been working out for awhile and feel that you need more of a challenge, you can do two sets. Please listen to your body and don’t over due it, especially during the end of your pregnancy. Not comparing yourself to what you “use to do” before you were pregnant is important. As with any exercise program, always consult your physician first and get approval.

Still not sold on exercise during pregnancy? Below are 10 reasons that might convince you to start moving, not only for you but for your baby.

1. Boost Your Energy
2. Sleep Better
3. Reduce Pregnancy Discomfort
4. Prepare For Childbirth
5. Reduce Stress
6. Improves Self-Image
7. Get Your Body Back Faster
8. Likely To Gain Less Weight
9. Less Likely To Get Constipated
10. Your Child Will Have A Healthier Heart

I hope you are having a healthy pregnancy and are enjoying this time, it goes by fast! You can continue to do these exercises after the baby arrives as they are great core exercises for all of us to do. Congratulations on your new blessing to be! If you have any questions about these exercises or about working out in general during pregnancy, just let me know.

Make sure you watch this NBC15 segment to make sure you are doing the exercises properly:

Shine Brightly Momma!


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    Hello! This was an excellent read. You have come up with something really desirable for the working moms. Thanks for such ‘healthy’ article. I am sharing this as a part of awareness. Keep up with the good work. Regards,


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